Shenzhen XCC RFID Technology Co.,Ltd. has been committed to research and development of RFID technology and products since 1996, which is a state-level high-tech enterprise and member of the association of Internet of Things, and with hi-tech mass production experience in designing, and developing RFID products and RFID solutions. XCC RFID provides RFID solutions for different industries according to customer needs, such as identification, access control, parking management, library management, retail store management, asset management, logistics tracking, cold chain management, anti-counterfeiting and so on.We offer software development, as well as the RFID products and devices, such as RFID cards, RFID tags, RFID industrial tags, RFID key fobs, RFID wristbands, RFID reader writer, and custom products for the RFID solutions that we design, in addition we offer encoding and encryption for the RFID cards and tags.Our manufacturing facility currently has a production area of over 10,000 square meters with room to expand.We have our own PVC sheets production line for RFID cards production, with timely supply, stable quality. We also have chip bonding department, which we use probe technology to detect the chip, so we can ensure the quality of our products from the source. We adopt the advanced technology of ultrasonic winding, with multiple automatic production lines, make the production process to be controllable, so that we are able to identify and deal with any issue just in time. At the same time, we set up a standard operating system in the quality check department in order to improve the accuracy of our routine tests. We have advanced RFID flip chip bonding machine and RFID converting machine for RFID label production, so that we have greatly improved the qualified rate of RFID labels.Cutting edge equipment and high performance quality inspection and analysis system and personalized processing equipment provide a powerful guarantee for the production of RFID products.We will also continue to invest in further research and development of new products in order to meet and keep ahead of real, varied, and potential requirements of present and future clients. XCC RFID, makes progress with the world.