XCCRFID main products are contact and non-contact IC cards and RFID tags. In terms of smart cards, it has multiple bonding, close-wound coil winding, machine-winding butt welding, printing, lamination, contact packaging, chip inverted packaging, etc. Advanced production lines at home and abroad, at the same time, it can provide customers with follow-up coding, customer data programming, COS development, personalized processing and other auxiliary services; in terms of RFID tags, the company has a strong R&D team, and has successfully developed The label products used in the industry provide supporting RFID products for many domestic Internet of Things system vendors.After years of technology development and research, it currently has more than 40 technical patents and software copyrights, and has successively passed a series of certifications such as national industrial production license, IC card production registration license, ISO9001 international quality system certification, and national high-tech enterprises. . The independent brand XCCRFID has also been recognized by customers and has become a well-known smart card brand all over the world.
The company's products are widely used in consumer, security, and identification fields such as buses, highways, campuses, telecommunications, Internet cafes, shopping malls, and logistics. It has many domestic highways, urban buses, university campuses and other large-scale project operation experience, and also has mature foreign project cooperation solutions, rich experience in supporting facilities, and maintains a sound cooperative relationship with many domestic machinery and system vendors.


Low-frequency transponders are used mainly in applications that require the transmission of low volumes of data over relatively long distances. Low frequency technology, also sometimes called 125 kHz, was one of the first RFID technologies developed. One of the major advantages is a minimum requirement in terms of the design of the transponders, which are used in contactless cards, labels and tags. XCC RFID low-frequency products are used by our customers in access control systems, industrial process control, inventory management and the identification of animals. 125kHz technology is certified in accordance with the existing ISO standards.




HF is used mainly in contactless smart cards, access control systems and applications that require high security standards, such as e-payment applications, health cards and eID documents.


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 centimeter distance.

The technology is a simple extension of the ISO 14443 RFID proximity-card standard that combines the interface of a smartcard and a reader into a single device. An NFC device can communicate with both existing ISO 14443 smartcards and readers, as well as with other NFC devices, and is thereby compatible with existing contactless infrastructure already in use for public transportation, access control and payment applications.

NFC is primarily aimed at usage in mobile phones.

Using NFC in mobile phones creates great possibilities for a number of applications like mobile ticketing, smart poster, etc.